check speedMeasure the internet speed you get from your provider to foreign content.

ADSL Speedtest

Check Server in Germany
Check server in Switzerland
Speedtest to server in Germany (server4you)

What are the requirements for this speed test?

For the speed check at telcoinsider to work properly, the flash player has to be installed on your system. It can be downloaded here. Javascript has to be activated as well in your webbrowser.

What does the test reveal?

The speed measurement data indicates the speed from your device to the server you selected. First, the download-speed is metered then the upload-speed.

The results are shown in Kbit/s, the same measurement many broadband-offers are promoted with.

I don’t achieve the speed promised by my provider

Although the telcoinsider speed test is quite reliable, some factors may falsify the results:

  • Other data connections during the check (eg. running downloads with other software, running email software, voip connections).
  • Other users using the same broadband connection (eg. when multiple devices are connected via a router).
  • Weak WLAN signal (the speed check shows better results if your device is connect with a wire to the modem/router).
  • Old Hardware (eg. 10 Mbit/s network adapter and a faster internet connection).
  • Overload at the speed test server (in this case, please check another server).
  • Overload at your provider’s infrastructure (most providers do not guarantee the speed they offer or they only guarantee it within their infrastructure).
All sources of disturbance have been removed but I still don’t reach the speed

Although we cannot be held reliable for the accuracy of the results you should contact your internet provider. He probably can provide a speed tester tool within his own infrastructure. It is possibly as well that you have faster connections to other servers than to our test servers.